• Painting & Wainscot Geneva

    Painting & Wainscot Geneva

    This 3000sq.ft. home was completely transformed by Wall Doctor. While the home was beautiful prior to our arrival, the homeowner…


  • Custom Wainscot Aurora, IL

    Custom Wainscot Aurora, IL

    The homeowner was looking for a way to add some “flair” to her home. Illinois Wall Doctor came in and…


  • Plainfield Electrician Fix

    Plainfield Electrician Fix

    After having an electrician make a terrible mess of recessed lighting install Wall Doctor was contacted to make drywall repairs.…


  • Increased Mudroom Size Naperville

    Increased Mudroom Size Naperville

    Wall Doctor demoed this mudroom, we then bumped out a wall to increase size. Dura-rock was installed on floor, new…


  • Loft Conversion Naperville

    Loft Conversion Naperville

    Wall Doctors professional carpentry crew removed the existing railing, framed in new wall and closet, new outlet/switches were installed, drywall…


  • Geneva, IL Wallpaper

    Geneva, IL Wallpaper

    Wallpaper is ALWAYS an unknown, it may come off quickly in big sheets doing no damage OR it might come…


  • Master Bedroom Remodel Plainfield

    Master Bedroom Remodel Plainfield

    This master bedroom was completely remodeled, to include demo of cheap “plastic” trim/doors, a new wall being framed to separate…


  • Plainfield Walk-In Shower & Closet

    Plainfield Walk-In Shower & Closet

    Wall Doctor demoed this entire master bath in preparation for a walk in shower/linen closet. Once the demo was complete…


  • Plainfield Door & Trim Painting

    Plainfield Door & Trim Painting

    All doors and trim in this room having previously been stained were oil primed, caulked and puttied and then sprayed…