• Kitchen Lighting

    Kitchen Lighting

    This is a project in Bolingbrook, homeowner wanted 6 recessed lights installed as well as under cabinet lighting, even though…


  • Garage Door Refinish

    Garage Door Refinish

    This was a job in Plainfield, IL. We took the old garage doors, sanded them completely, stripped as needed, re-stained…


  • Drywall Repair / Toilet Leak

    Drywall Repair / Toilet Leak

    This was a simple job in Naperville IL. This was from a toilet leak on the 2nd floor. We repaired…


  • Crown, Wainscott, Repair & Paint

    Crown, Wainscott, Repair & Paint

    This was a job we did in West Chicago IL. The homeowner needed us to install crown molding and wainscott,…


  • Rotten Siding Work

    Rotten Siding Work

    This is a home in Warrenville, IL. The homeowner had an exterior that had a large amount of rotted lumber.…


  • Garage Door Refinishing

    Garage Door Refinishing

    These are a set of garage doors we refinished in Wheaton IL. First the garage doors were chemically stripped of…


  • New Front Porch Pillars

    New Front Porch Pillars

    This couple in Naperville wanted to replace their home's 'country' looking pillars with something a little more modern, actually something…


  • New High Foyer Light Replacement

    New High Foyer Light Replacement

    Oswego, IL home. We replaced a 2 story foyer light with new light. Only took 2 hours. Before After


  • Lighting Install in Oswego

    Lighting Install in Oswego

    Lighting job in Oswego, IL. Homeowner asked that we move light fixture to center over table. A new box was…