• St Charles Floor Epoxy Work

    St Charles Floor Epoxy Work

    Floor epoxy is a great way to protect and beatify a garage floor. Wall Doctors first prepped the concrete using…


  • Minooka Drywall Job

    Minooka Drywall Job

    Homeowner asked that drywall be hung and finished, we were glad to do it in less than a days’ time.…


  • Plainfield Water Damage Repair

    Plainfield Water Damage Repair

    The homeowner had suffered water damage from an issue in the upstairs bath. Wall Doctor made needed repairs, oil primed…


  • Bolingbrook Attic Hatch Remodel

    Bolingbrook Attic Hatch Remodel

    In the midst of a complete remodel for this homeowner it was determined that we could do something to make…


  • Textured Ceiling Removal Bolingbrook

    Textured Ceiling Removal Bolingbrook

    This home owner wanted to get rid of an aggressive textured ceiling. We chose to skim coat the ceiling (2…


  • Plainfield Crown Molding

    Plainfield Crown Molding

    Very decorative three stage crown was installed in this home. The first step was finding and marking all joist’s/studs, we…


  • New French Doors North Aurora

    New French Doors North Aurora

    The homeowner asked that 60” x 80” French doors be installed. To make that happen we needed to widen the…


  • Fuse Box Clean Up Plainfield

    Fuse Box Clean Up Plainfield

    Previous homeowners had made an unsightly mess of this fuse box access, Wall Doctor was asked to clean it up.…


  • Damaged Drywall from Roof Leak Plainfield

    Damaged Drywall from Roof Leak Plainfiel

    Homeowner suffered damaged from roof leak. Drywall was removed as needed, new drywall installed.The area was taped and finished, ceiling…