• Refinish Garage Door

    Refinish Garage Door

    The homeowner contracted a person to refinish their cedar garage door, after 6 weeks of inconsistent and questionable workmanship the…


  • New Backsplash & Tile Work Yorkville

    New Backsplash & Tile Work Yorkvill

    This project was in Yorkville. We installed this glass backsplash in quick dry mortar, the tile was then grouted. All…


  • Naperville Garage Door Painting

    Naperville Garage Door Painting

    Homeowner wanted to make to property “pop”, this was an inexpensive way to accomplish that goal. The door had all…


  • Downers Grove Door Refinishing

    Downers Grove Door Refinishing

    As with all refinish jobs the doors were stripped to bare lumber using both chemical stripper and sanding. Once completely…


  • Sycamore Door Refinishing & Repainting

    Sycamore Door Refinishing & Repaint

    The door was completely stripped to bare lumber via chemical stripper and sanding, it was then stained color of homeowners…


  • Stairway Rails, Spindles & Baluster Sanding and Painting

    Stairway Rails, Spindles & Baluster

    Homeowner in Glen Ellyn asked for a new color configuration. We 1st prepped the rails/spindles which included sanding all rails/balusters and…


  • Bolingbrook Garage Remodel

    Bolingbrook Garage Remodel

    This garage was in Bolingbrook. The tape was falling off the ceiling/walls, the homeowner asked that it be repaired and…


  • Garage Water Leak Repair & Drywall Work in Braidwood

    Garage Water Leak Repair & Drywall

    This garage in Braidwood had a hot water heater leak in room above. We hung, taped and finished the ceiling…


  • Garage Remodel in Naperville

    Garage Remodel in Naperville

    Drywall had been hung on the ceiling and 1 wall of this house many years ago, it was badly weathered.…