Handicap Shower Installation

Homeowners family member required a handicap shower on the 1st floor and proposed opening the living room/powder room wall so as to create a shower coming off the powder room.
Wall Doctor 1st cut the door way in and demo'ed the living room walls as needed. The floor was then opened and framed in such a way that the finished tile floor would be flush with existing hardwood, all walls were framed in including a new closet. Wall Doctors licensed plumber then roughed in the plumbing to include 2 shower heads. A bench was framed and *WEDI* shower base and walls were installed to include 2 niches. Our professional tile installer then installed/grouted all tile (selected/provided by homeowner). All drywall install/repairs were made, shower ceiling was painted using Sherwin Williams moisture resistant paint, powder room was painted using Sherwin Williams washable product. Pine trim and door were installed, stained to match existing wood and finished. New fixtures  were installed. We are told the shower is loved being put to good use.

Process Below


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