Fiberglass Door Strip/Refinish in St. Charles

The homeowner had a full length glass storm door that over the yrs. had “cooked” this fiberglass door with the heat generated between the 2.

We 1st recommended and indeed did remove the storm door. There was rotted wood on the existing frame, rather than replace the whole door @ significant cost Wall Doctor was able to cut away the damage and seamlessly replace the wood.

We stripped the paint from sidelights and what remained of the finish on the door down to bare fiberglass, we stained the door/sidelights using Minwax Gel Stain.

The door and sidelights were then spayed 7-8 coats using Helmsman Satin Urethane.

Any bare lumber on the frame was oil primed and 2 coats SW Resilience satin was applied. All work was complete in a single day and homeowner is thrilled !!!



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