• Plainfield Outside Access Door

    Plainfield Outside Access Door

    This job was in Plainfield. Homeowner wanted access to his yard through his garage. We cut through the drywall framed…


  • Fan Repair & Installation Aurora

    Fan Repair & Installation Aurora

    Got a call that a ceiling fan had fallen out of the ceiling (improper mount). Upon arriving it was determined that the…


  • Bathroom Remodel in North Aurora

    Bathroom Remodel in North Aurora

    This is a bath remodel done in North Aurora. 1st we completely removed the vanity, sinks, toilet, and flooring. The…


  • Wall Mounted TV from Cubby – Aurora IL

    Wall Mounted TV from Cubby – Auror

    Homeowner wanted to convert this cubby for a TV into a wall mount. In order to accomplish this we added…


  • Geneva Wood Painting & Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    Geneva Wood Painting & Hardwood Flo

    This home was in Geneva. The homeowner wanted all trim and doors prepped and painted white as well as the…


  • Naperville Elaborate Wainscot

    Naperville Elaborate Wainscot

    This job was done in Naperville. The homeowner wanted to install an elaborate wainscot on this full wall, he also…


  • Ceiling & Wall Cracks

    Ceiling & Wall Cracks

    This home had several cracks that had formed around the opening of the stairway,  no problem for The Wall Doctor,…


  • Riverside Garage Re-Tape/Paint

    Riverside Garage Re-Tape/Paint

    This job was done in Riverside. We professionally re-taped garage and made needed repairs, once repairs were complete we sprayed…


  • Termites in Montgomery

    Termites in Montgomery

    This is a home in Montgomery. Termites had done a fair amount of damage to the drywall. We scraped off…