• Door Refinishing Dekalb

    Door Refinishing Dekalb

    These doors are the first 2 of 4. They belong to the St Mary's  church in Dekalb. Each door was…


  • Access Panel Installation

    Access Panel Installation

    The homeowners wanted an access panel installed in their home. We not only installed the access panel, but repaired the…


  • Bead Board Install in Plainfield, IL

    Bead Board Install in Plainfield, IL

    This is a project in Plainfield. We installed bead board and window trim. All new wood was caulked/puttied and sprayed…


  • Wainscot in Glen Ellyn

    Wainscot in Glen Ellyn

    This wainscot was installed in Glen Ellyn, it includes install of chair rail, layout and install of panels and 2…


  • Aurora Crown, Trim and Paint Work

    Aurora Crown, Trim and Paint Work

    The Illinois Wall Doctors installed 5 -1/4" crown at ceiling and a standard wainscot on walls, all new trim was…


  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal

    Popcorn Ceiling Removal

    This was a job in Naperville, IL. The homeowner asked us to remove all the popcorn work in the house.…


  • The customer hated the columns at the gutters/downspouts on her porch. We first determined that the porch would need a…


  • Wainscot & TV Install Plainfield

    Wainscot & TV Install Plainfield

    This job was done in Plainfield. We laid out and installed wainscot panels the entire 2 story wall. We then…


  • Hardwood Install in Oswego

    Hardwood Install in Oswego

    This is a hardwood install/finish we did in Oswego. The home had existing hardwood in the foyer and the homeowner…