• Riverside Stairway Painting

    Riverside Stairway Painting

    Job in Riverside. Homeowner wanted stringers/risers and balusters painted white. We 1st taped all stairs and handrails as needed. Oil…


  • Wheaton Refinished Interior Door

    Wheaton Refinished Interior Door

    This was a job in Wheaton. Homeowners dog had scratched at the side panel of door. We sanded down to…


  • Barn Door Install – North Aurora

    Barn Door Install – North Aurora

    The first thing we needed to do was to extend the doorway to even out the wall the door was…


  • Door Refinishing Bloomington, IL

    Door Refinishing Bloomington, IL

    This is a door we refinished in Bloomington . The door/sidelights were chemically stripped, sanded. Stained color of choice (Minwax…


  • Rotted Wood Replacement in Naperville

    Rotted Wood Replacement in Naperville

    The window had been leaking from a considerable amount of time, by the time it was discovered the sill plate…


  • Front Door Refinish Naperville

    Front Door Refinish Naperville

    This job was for a homeexterior fiberglass door. The Wall Doctors stripped and refinished it. This work was done in…


  • Naperville Garage Refinishing

    Naperville Garage Refinishing

    This was a job completed in Naperville, IL. We chemically stripped and sanded both doors to bare lumber, applied Minwax…


  • Door Refinishing Dekalb

    Door Refinishing Dekalb

    These doors are the first 2 of 4. They belong to the St Mary's  church in Dekalb. Each door was…


  • Access Panel Installation

    Access Panel Installation

    The homeowners wanted an access panel installed in their home. We not only installed the access panel, but repaired the…